Fly Me to the Moon

Combophoto made via Procreate

The significant challenge for the Combophoto is to find two images that are graphically and chromatically matching. For the first attempt, I failed to come up with a decent idea. However, later when I was watching the documentary film First Man (2018), the idea of combining the image of astronaut and moon popped into my mind. The shape of the space helmet ideally matches the shape of the moon. With the basic idea, it is not hard to find the images of the astronaut and the moon.

However, I had a hard time piecing two pictures together. I was too lazy to explore new apps, so I tried to use Procreate on my iPad. However, this app is not friendly to rookies like me. I tried hard to figure out how to work with the layers and brushes.

People are naturally respectful and curious about things like outer space and astronomy. The idea I would like to convey here is similar to the spirit of moon landing: to explore the unknown.

Picture reference:

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